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Week Three

Nothing says New York City like the famed thoroughfare. We are in the Financial District. Trinity Church in the foreground was once the tallest point in Manhattan. Look further north up the avenue to find the steeple of Grace Church.

The evolution of the skyscraper is shown here across generations. The Thames Twins overlooking trinity courtyard, to the soaring tower of the Woolworth building at Park Row. "The Cathedral of Commerce", a record 13.5M dollars was paid in cash for it's construction. The Woolworth building was by far the tallest building in the world upon it's completion in 1913.

Right frame is the hulking Equitable building that stirred public outcry and is responsible for the biggest zoning ordinance in NY's history. Amassing an entire city block and rising 40 stories with zero setbacks, it blocked all the light to it's surrounding neighbors. People feared for the future of their city from light-blocking monoliths. After 1916, buildings that attained a certain height had to scale inwards in relation to the amount of land it occupied at a certain proportion. This shaped the appearance of every building built throughout the next 4 decades.

Lastly take into consideration the story of greed at One Liberty Plaza, the black tower in the center. The 1950s brought demand for office space. Soon after the US Steel Corporation bought the 1907 Singer Tower, plans were announced of the destruction of the once tallest building in the world. Instead of preserving a valuable piece of history, the elegant slender tower was not profitable enough in the eyes of the corporation. To this day it was the tallest building in the world to ever be willingly demolished. Here stands a dilapidated eye-sore among brilliant architecture.

This view here is the first time i witnessed all of these buildings in one view. It blew my mind.

RA-4 color darkroom print
16x20 in