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In the late 1920s there was a heated battle to construct the worlds next tallest building after a decade of ferverous development. The Woolworth Building had held the title for almost 20 years and it was soon to be broken.

H. Craig Severance was to construct 40 Wall Street for the Bank of Manhattan and William Van Alen was constructing the magnificent Chrysler building - both at the same time. 40 Wall Street was completed first and publicly claimed the title of tallest in the world, beating Chrysler to the top in late 1929. Little did severance know that Van Alen was building a spire secretly inside of the cascading stainless crown to trump the height of 40 Wall. In May 1930, the Chrysler building was complete and attained the title of tallest in the world at 1,046 feet tall.

Today, the Chrysler building is still the tallest steel supported brick building in the world. With It's stainless steel and brick facade, triangular windows up the crown, and eagles adorning where the tower tapers upwards on all four corners - The Chrysler Building is one of the finest examples of an era come and past. Where craft and adornment superseded the dollar. No expense was spared. This is no longer the trend of architecture. This building has inspired the world for generations past and will continue to for generations to come. The Mighty 405 Lexington.

There's a certain magic when the light catches the crown just right - you feel it deep down inside - THIS is New York City. This is the experience I had on a special winter evening where I witnessed the triangular lights come on as an orange sunburst shimmered against the stainless steel, delicately winking back at me.

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